RISE above mid-market growth gridlock.

Gain more control, accelerate scale, achieve record profitability The RISE Way, with professional coaching that utilizes a stacked framework proven to help you drive meaningful results, faster.

Push past plateaus and jump-start your growth

If you want your mid-market company to go further, faster, do it the RISE Way. Learn from a proven business scaling framework, a world-class coach who helps shorten time to mastery, and an inspired community of like-minded individuals, to close the gap between deciding and doing.

The RISE Way


Unlock winning strategies with the Scaling Up business growth system. Accelerate goal achievement, team alignment, and unleash visionary leadership.


Leverage RISE Performance Group's extensive experience and proven track record in catalyzing explosive growth for mid-market companies.


‍True leaders serve clients and everyone inside their organizations. Break down silos, align your team, and accelerate results.


"Emotion creates motion." Gain fuel for your journey, inspire yourself and your team to take meaningful action, and thrive in any challenge.

Client reviews and testimonials

I believe at a time of hyper growth and limited time to get everything done, Mark was a force multiplier for me, my executives, our culture, and more.


Mark helped us increase the pace and professionalism of our executive team. I would recommend him to anyone.


Mark is a highly recommended world-class coach. He's brought structure to our operations, and focused us on proper priorities raising our entire team’s standards.


Mark is the BEST partner I’ve ever worked with in helping create high performance leaders.


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Organization Catalyst


Harness the power of the private implementation of the Scaling Up Performance Platform, guided by seasoned veteran Mark Fenner, renowned for his unmatched expertise in propelling mid-market companies to surpass the $100 million mark.

This program offers a comprehensive package including 2-Day Annual Strategic Planning sessions, Full-Day Quarterly Planning sessions, and Monthly CEO 1v1 calls, all meticulously designed to steer you and your team towards unwavering success in achieving your organizational objectives.

Elevate Your Mid-Market Company to New Heights

At Rise Performance Group, we specialize in empowering companies like yours to think bigger, be bolder, and make more decisive commitments to move forward. Come learn from:

A Like-Minded Community

Join a driven, ambitious network of industry leaders that share your passion and grit.

A World-Class Coach

Leverage the expertise of a Scaling Up coaching veteran with a proven track record of moving mid-market companies to $100M and beyond.

The Stacked Scaling Up Framework

Establish radical accountability among your leadership team based on the battle-tested foundation of the Scaling Up framework